How to recycle the furniture

How to recycle the furniture

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Do you want to get rid of old furniture? Don't take them to landfills, recycle the furniture it might be more useful than you can imagine. Every year, in Germany, 7 million tons of furniture end up in landfills, just like the Germans, the Italians also produce large quantities of waste through furniture. Old furniture can experience various rebirths through the recycling of furnishings. In particular, antique furniture can be recycled into modern objects. How? Old crystal cabinets and cupboards can be taken apart and reassembled to accommodate the new plasma television, playstation and other modern day devices. Before throwing away any piece of furniture it is good to try to change its location and play with creativity: it could be modified to meet current domestic needs. Recycle the furnishings it's not as difficult as it sounds. A cradle, for example, could become the new home of your mother's doll collection, or a mini sofa or even the base of the Christmas nativity scene.

Recycle the furnishings It doesn't just mean playing with creativity, if you don't want to get too tired with manpower jobs, place an ad online and give the piece of furniture to those interested. If it is several pieces because your home has just been re-furnished, take your furniture to a flea market or donate it to a thrift store, restorers are always interested in antique furniture. In every region of Italy there are several non-profit associations, contact them for the recycle the furniture without creating additional clutter in landfills.

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