NS4, the new Toyota hybrid

NS4, the new Toyota hybrid

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Toyota is preparing to launch a new one hybrid, on the wave of the success of the Prius, comes the NS4, more powerful and more powerful.

While we await that electric vehicles become the European standard, we can appreciate the presence of many hybrid models on the market, that is, cars that run on both conventional fuels and electricity. Among the latest born we welcome the Toyota NS4, presented last month at the Detroit Motor Show 2012. The NS4 represents the new design that the brand Toyota intends to pursue in the future, it is no coincidence that the NS4 debuted with the slogan "Vision of The Future 2015". We do not have to wait until 2015 to see this machine on the market, the first models could be marketed as early as 2013.

The car has a sinuous body, full of curves and with a rather high roof. The shape and size suggest a bigger and more powerful car than a Prius. To the Detroit salon Toyota did not want to reveal too many technical details what has been disclosed are the characteristics of the engine, 73/142 kW for the petrol one which will be coupled to a 60/207 kW electric motor.

Fuel efficiency should ensure high standards and emit only 49 grams of CO2 for each kilometer traveled. The NS4 will be equipped with an improved version of the system Toyota Synergy Drive, should be an optimized version compared to the previous one and ensure further fuel economy with better acceleration power than that found in the Toyota Prius.

Like the Prius, the NS4 will also feature a user-friendly, intuitive and youthful interface with a touchscreen control panel that looks almost like a smartphone on the vehicle desk. The car will be equipped with an intelligent system that can set some parameters based on the driver's driving habits as well Toyota NS4 can offer highly personalized driving experiences.

There Toyota NS4 it will be equipped with a latest generation safety system, it will use millimeter waves, radar signals and rear cameras to detect the presence of impending rear-end collisions. In the event of a collision, the hood opens to reduce injury to passengers. The fact that the Toyota it mobilizes to launch a new hybrid car that will remain on the market for many years, it makes us understand when the future of electric cars is still a long way off.

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