To get to the future we start from the city

To get to the future we start from the city

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While we wait for the big ones hitech innovations, we can change the city starting from the local administration; for example, did you know that only by facilitating the dissemination of so-called "telepass"Traffic is significantly improved and tons of harmful emissions?

According to a United Nations report, the percentage of people living in urban areas will continue to increase in the coming decades. The development of cities has always been one more step towards the future and progress, as demonstrated by the first births: they were the first city settlements to transform old villages into developed localities.

The development of civilizations was marked by the establishment of the first water networks which significantly improved the hygienic conditions by lowering the risk of death. The old villages were real hotbeds of infections. Our country experienced a major turning point with the 1961 census, theurbanization it had won over rural areas and for the first time the number of workers in the industrial sector was higher than the number of farmers and ranchers.

As with the beginning of urbanization, even now we are at a turning point where technology is entering cities and is reshaping urban life making it smarter, closer to a sustainable future. Up to now, progress has helped the growth of civilization but up to now it has been a progress devoid of the competent "intellectual", the one that will incorporate the digital age into city centers.

This is the last phase of renewal of the urban growth. We are not just talking about quantitative growth, thetechnological innovation above all it proposes a qualitative growth transforming the way of living the city. The city will be lived in its everyday life, with a modus vivendi that will adapt more and more to the needs of the inhabitant and the environment.

There urban growth it does not depend only on the great hitech innovations but also on low-cost technological solutions, solutions that place the citizen in the foreground. The Online Parking project launched by the City of Rome is laudable, but it could be even simpler to aim for innovation by adopting a smarter local administration, with more virtuous building master plans and more efficient traffic management.

We close this article with a comment by Domenico Finiguerra, mayor of Cassinetta di Lugagnano and Personaggio Ambiente Italia 2011, hoping that this aphorism will be the slogan of all Italian administrators:

"Designing cities means designing how the citizens of that city will live, the sensibility of the city is great and must be solicited".

edited by Anna De Simone

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