Efficient shower for a sustainable bathroom

Efficient shower for a sustainable bathroom

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Have you thought about revising your bathroom furnishings? If so, start from the shower to get the most out of it sustainability, comfort and luxury. The investment is minimal and if you are not pretentious it will not exceed 115 euros. Let's see together how to furnish the bathroom starting with the shower.

We have already shown you sustainable showers, the problem of ecological showers already presented in the past, was the budget, definitely too expensive and not within everyone's reach. Today we will show you a cheaper solution, ad high efficiency, technological and modern: these are the new boxes and taps for the bathroom, ecological, beautiful, practical and functional. Why easy? Because the shower head is easier to clean. In the long run, the holes in the shower head are filled with limestone and the jets are no longer as fluid as after purchase.

With the most advanced shower heads, you simply need to remove the mask (the actual shower head) and remove the limescale. Also in this case, hygiene can be under the banner of sustainability, to remove the limestone just place the shower head in a basin with water and plenty of wine vinegar. It will take about 25 minutes to soak to have the same efficiency as the new product.

Today we point out the Hansrohe Select hand showers, from the Raindance line. The showers for furnish the bathroom they are equipped with a short and ergonomic handle, soft shapes and a large 150 mm diffuser. It is light and easy to handle and can be admired on a sliding support of ashower rod. The line is full of models and prices range from 115 euros upwards. The most complete and technological models they provide the shower rod of 90 cm cost 235 euros.

Efficient and economical shower

Those who do not want to spend large sums must not give up the pleasure and savings of one efficient shower. Among the various market proposals there is theGrohe single jet shower with EcoJoy technology.

It is equipped with a bright chrome finish and able to remain unchanged over time and resist the signs of limestone. It is non-slip, able to offer an ergonomic feeling and the hand shower uses technologyDreamSpraywhich allows a perfect diffusion of the water jet.

The water outlet nozzles are anti-limescale. Those who have limescale problems will be able to remove the deposits simply by passing a rigid spatula if necessary. It often happens that the water outlet holes of the shower can be blocked by limestone but with a simple gesture the obstruction is destined to disappear in a few moments.

From personal experience I tell you that it is not necessary to buy a special spatula: if you have very calcareous water, once a month you just need to wipe the back of a knife (not the sharp and notched part, but the smooth one without a blade) along the rubberized surface of the shower, thanks to the SpeadClean technology, the limestone will disappear in a few moments and the water jet will be alive again. To always ensure delivery in line with personal needs, there is also a jet selector located on the disc of the shower knob.

Thereefficient showerGrohe allows high water savings, it is sturdy and long-lasting: there is also a silicone ring placed around the jet disc to protect the knob from accidental falls.

This shower can be bought on Amazon at a price of 14 euros with free shipping. For all the info I invite you to visit the product page:Grohe single jet shower with EcoJoy technology.

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