Dangerous products made in China

Dangerous products made in China

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One in two dangerous products is made in China, the other of European origin. These are the results of careful analyzes conducted with the rapid information system Rapex which examines i dangerous products other than food.

Toys and clothing are i more dangerous products. The EU is exploiting a control system called Rapex, thanks to it i dangerous products they can be identified and promptly removed from the market. It would now be necessary to step up cooperation with third countries, in particular to launch bilateral cooperation with China in order to finalize a comprehensive legislative package on product safety and market surveillance.

Where do i come from dangerous products?
-China. China remains in first place, in fact more than half of the notifications reported by the system Rapex concern products of Chinese origin.
-Europe. 19% of the notifications concerned products of European origin. More precisely, these are 293 notifications concerning 44 products of French origin, 43 products from Germany and 32 products made in Italy.
-Other countries and unknown origin. 15% of dangerous products comes from non-European countries other than China and 8% are of unknown origin.

What are the dangerous products?
An eye must be given to the health of the little ones, i dangerous products non-food products are mainly clothing and toys but also cosmetics and electronic products.

Clothing and textiles are the ones most at risk, in fact 423 notifications concerned the risk of suffocation and irritation. The system Rapex submitted 324 notifications relating to toys which are essentially dangerous for the risk of suffocation. Let us recall the case of toys made in China who used spray paints that were highly harmful to human health and the environment.

171 notifications concerned motor vehicles for the risk of injury and electrical equipment with 153 notifications for the risk of electrocution. Between dangerous products appear i cosmetics with 104 notifications for chemical risk. These figures correspond to 74% of all notifications made in 2011.

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