How to open a bed and breakfast

How to open a bed and breakfast

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Do you have a large enough house? Have you ever thought of using superfluous space? Your home can be a source of income if you decide to host tourists. Already many are turning their home into a Bed and Breakfast, the bureaucracy is simple and there is no need to open a VAT number!

What is the Bed and Breakfast
It is a kind of micro-hospitality that allows anyone to live the unique experience of sharing the lifestyle of the place and the people who live there.

It is in effect a family business. It allows hospitality even in places where it is not convenient to open a hotel. In this case a tourist induced is created, albeit minimal, even in places not usually reached by tourism. Furthermore, the Bed & Breakfast favors a sustainable tourism because it is aimed at travelers who love nature, culture and food and wine.

How to open a Bed and Breakfast. Requirements

  • It is mandatory to have a maximum of three rooms (the rule varies from region to region) furnished with bed, wardrobe, bedside tables, lamps, chairs and waste paper, for a maximum of 6 beds.
  • Rooms. They must have a minimum area of ​​14 square meters for the double, 8 square meters for the single.
  • The bathroom. It must be complete with toilet, bidet, sink, tub or shower, mirror, socket and alarm call. There is no use of a private bathroom for guests, it will be possible to share it with customers.
  • Check that the systems and the structure comply with the laws in force and that the building regulations do not preclude the opening of bed and breakfast.
  • Ensure a breakfast service: food and drinks must be prepackaged and not handled.

It is essential to be the owner or co-owner of the apartment and must reside there. If the apartment is rented, you will need to provide a sheet called "Deed of Assent" where the owner will give you consent to carry out the B&B activity.

How to open a Bad and Breakfast. The procedure
To start the activity, you must go to the Tourist Office of your Municipality or to the Tourist Promotion Company to submit the application to start the activity.

The appropriate forms must be completed and delivered, also attaching the declarations of conformity of the electrical system, the heating system and the self-certification of possession of the technical and hygienic-building requirements provided for by municipal regulations.

Communicate to the Municipality the prices you intend to apply: the prices with the stamp of the Municipality will then be posted behind the door of the guest room. The assessment is up to the Municipality, which will have to carry out an inspection to test the aforementioned requirements. If all the requirements are compliant, the Municipality will insert you in the register of operators Bed & Breakfastof the region.

An interruption of at least 90 days, even if not consecutive, during the year is mandatory. In this case, you do not need to open your VAT number: you will not have to issue any tax documents upon payment.

How to open a Bed and Breakfast. Guarantees
It is essential to guarantee the daily cleaning of the premises, the supply and change of linen, the supply of electric energy, heating and hot water and the food safety of the food and drinks made available.

Tips for open a bed and breakfast
To give visibility to your b & b. if you do not yet have a site that you can advertise and make visible on search engines, it is advisable to contact the most important web-agencies operating in the tourism sector.

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