Italian beaches one step away from European excellence

Italian beaches one step away from European excellence

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Do you want summer? Better to choose the Italian beaches for the holidays 2012! The European Environment Agency rejects Italy for the quality of the air but fully promotes it when it opens up to beaches! The 2012 report is clear, the 7 thousand km of coast of the boot are more than suitable for swimming.

With its coasts, Italy contributes 35% of the bathing coasts of the entire European continent. Upon examination of bathing Italy is promoted with a high score. It is also visible on the map above. In fluorescent green there are countries with more than 90% of the areas in excellent health, in pastel green we find the countries that have excellent areas between 80 and 90%, among these countries there is Italy with a percentage of good health 82.3%.

In orange there are those who barely reach sufficiency with a percentage between 60 and 80% while in red there are countries with a low bathing, below 60%. Italian beaches are in excellent health but in the future it will be necessary to safeguard the rivers because the risk of contamination is growing.

For next summer it is better to avoid the beaches of France which are awarded a percentage of 60.8%, just a little above the sufficiency. Okay in Italy, maybe diving into the waters of the beautiful Amalfi Coast or Cyprus, Malta and Croatia! Holland, Bulgaria and Belgium postponed.

Italy with more than 7,000 km of coastline represents about 35% of the bathing coast of the entire European continent. Beaches mean tourism and tourism contributes 13% of the GDP. Being able to boast healthy beaches means being able to count on a good tourist economy, essential in this delicate phase where regrowth is desperately sought.

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