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There is no peace for the wind, also pointed out to the Offshore

There is no peace for the wind, also pointed out to the Offshore

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L'wind energy has a hard life on land and also theoffshore it has its battles to pursue. If we believed that theoffshore wind was the ideal solution for the wind industry, we were very wrong. Fishermen and other ocean community organizations are deeply concerned about the spread of offshore wind farms.

Some time ago we announced that with the spread ofoffshore wind the need for a global management plan would have arisen. A few months later, conflicting rumors arrive on the impact theoffshore wind on the marine ecosystem. The industrial fish sector could be at risk even if the study of the Danish project “Horns Rev” states the contrary.

The projects offshore wind farms, whether mounted on the seabed or given by floating wind turbines, should not harm industrial fishing. The Horns Rev study states that "no significant changes will affect the distribution of fish or their abundance ". The projects wind turbines they could even improve fishing because artificial structures, as already seen in other contexts, could recreate a habitat similar to that of natural reefs.

Industry supporters offshore wind they argue that parks, if well structured, could both increase marine populations and capture opportunities for numerous valuable species. Too bad that not everyone is of the same opinion. Some scholars fear that theoffshore wind it could harm fish populations and related activities. The noise and the acoustic pressure of the turbines that are planted on the seabed could negatively affect both fish and marine mammals. The same problem arises for the floating wind turbines because these too will be anchored to the bottom in some way. The marine environment could also be negatively affected by the cables that will connect the turbines to the electric generators as well as by the cables needed to transmit energy to the mainland.

Another danger could be caused to navigation: the towers of theoffshore wind could limit the efficiency of radars, essential tools for the safety of navigation in foggy waters. In addition, fishermen cannot have access to some of the project areas wind turbines so as to limit maritime traffic and fishing areas. These and other concerns have led various associations to oppose the development ofoffshore wind energy.

At sea or on land, the gants of the wind don't have an easy life.

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