Transformers, solar toys

Transformers, solar toys

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Can you play green only with old-fashioned wooden toys and with recycled paper or cardboard items? Thanks to Transformers solar 7 in 1 kids can have fun in the respect for the environment not giving up on science fiction robots that move and change appearance depending on the position of the pieces that compose them. Most importantly, this toy allows children to be made aware of the use of renewable energies.

In fact, batteries are not needed! Transformer it can become a tank or a scorpion and move just like similar electronic robots with the only difference that thesolar power to recharge it.

The kit includes, in addition to the unit photovoltaic, a panel and a housing for the battery and a prototype that can be transformed into five types of vehicles, including a racing car, a truck, a bulldozer, a car and a truck, all powered by solar power.

The Transformers solar recharges via a power outlet in about 5 seconds or via the Solar Panel which in 120 seconds completely regenerates the battery.

What are the benefits?
Children can exercise their creativity, build models and above all enter the world ofrenewable energy. You can buy the product on some online stores, the price is about 20 euros.

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