Devices for measuring the consumption of household appliances

Devices for measuring the consumption of household appliances

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Refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher… not to mention the iron which is the king of energy eaters: you have the i consumption of household appliances from your home, including those declared on the label by the producers?

No problem: with a modest expense - ranging from 15 to about 100 euros depending on your needs - you can buy an 'energy meter' that can be plugged into all sockets in the house. The footprint is that of a mobile phone charger and they are very easy to use.

You can thus verify and monitor the consumption of household appliances and know how many watts of electricity they devour in a day, a month or a year. You can also do the sum and compare it with the total electricity bill (which, however, is never easy to read) to see if the accounts add up or if there are any problems.

On the market there are some models of domestic energy meters all quite cheap and easy to buy because you can also find them online on Amazon. Here is a review to choose and order if you want.

Technoline Cost Control it is the cheapest among the electricity consumption meters, we are at 15.23 euros, but quality and usefulness are also confirmed by a good number of reviews. Very easy to use, it allows you to instantly read the consumption of household appliances and stores the peaks. The shuko socket hinders use in outdated sockets and appliances, but the problem is solved with an adapter. Technoline Cost Control electric consumption calculator

The GBC Electricity Consumption Meter it costs a little more than the previous one, 25 euros, with very similar characteristics. A product valid for less time on the market (the same goes for the shuko socket which still applies to everyone) but if you buy online you don't pay the shipping costs (free on Amazon over 19 euros). GBC electricity consumption meter

With RCEP9035 the price is doubled (39.99 euros) but the accuracy reaches the tenth of a watt. Here the perception is clear that the energy meter is not a 'gadget' and that in addition to measuring the consumption of household appliances, it can be used to check the overall bill. RCE P9035 Electricity Consumption Meter

If you want to make a convenient remote reading of consumption you can buy the Digitech wireless meter kitwhich will prevent you from bending over the holds. Kit because the package contains three objects: the reader and two devices with which you can measure two appliances at the same time. Digitech wireless meter kit

Always wireless and always a kit for two measurements at the same time Technoline Cost Control with remote control. It is the brother of the Technolile mentioned above and also resembles it for the particularly cheap price, 37.96 euros, in a package that includes the remote control and two sockets for two devices. Technoline Cost Control Kit

It goes up in price (104 euros) but also in the range with Zeus K my-Energy Logger, a software electricity meter equipped with a complete analysis software for the comparison of home consumption with the meter. More than for the instantaneous measurement of the consumption of household appliances this appliance helps to control the electricity consumption of the house in the long run. Zeus K My-energy Logger Electricity meter

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