The damage of used oil

The damage of used oil

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According to data from CONOE / Adriatica Oli srl, 57% ofoil food exhaustedit is produced in the home and, unfortunately, not everyone disposes of it correctly by delivering it to the local ecological islands. In Italy there are about 200,000 tons of fried oil that end up in the environment. As if each inhabitant of the boot dispersed approximately 5 liters of exhausted oil.

After use, where does theused frying oil?
Usually, the so-called "fried oil "is not collected or delivered to the collection islands, theexhausted oilit is discharged into the sink or toilet and reaches the drains of the sewer system. When the sewerage does not have apurification plant, L'exhausted oilit reaches the ground directly, enters water courses, in the sea or contaminates groundwater. When the sewerage has apurification plant you don't have aenvironmental impactbut a great economic damage that weighs on the pockets of citizens with a significant increase in the costs of wastewater treatment.

What are thedamage causedfrom poor disposal ofexhausted oil?
Thespillofexhausted oilin the toilet or in the drains,causeenvironmental damageperceptible on several levels:causes pollution of the soil, of the aquifers, of the sea, of the water basins, in any case, big resultsdamageon human health and biodiversity.

What does thepollution dictated byexhausted oil?

  • Soil pollution
    L'exhausted oilit settles around the clods of soil creating a very thin and waterproof film, preventing the normal passage of water and the transit of nutrient particles that are normally absorbed by the capillary roots of plants.
  • Contamination of the aquifers
    L'exhausted oilonce it reaches an aquifer, it can penetrate into drinking water wells making them unusable: only one liter ofexhausted oilcan hedamageone million liters of water making it no longer drinkable.
  • Pollution of rivers and seas
    By creating a superficial film, theexhausted oilwhich reaches water basins, rivers and seas, prevents the oxygenation of the water, compromising the existence of flora and fauna. In addition, theexhausted oilprevents the penetration of the sun's rays in depth, drastically damaging the marine environment and life in the water.

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