How much does the safety of Italians cost?

How much does the safety of Italians cost?

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How much is the safety in Italy? Let's not talk about food safety, quality checks or air pollution. Let's talk about floods, landslides and earthquakes. It is true, i natural disasters they cannot be avoided but damage can be reduced both in terms of territory and of human lives.

A concrete control and prevention policy should be implemented in Italy. There management of the Italian territory it is extremely expensive. Italy spends annually billion euros for "dab " and remedy the damage done by natural disasters without investing in prevention and in harm reduction practices. In Italy, earthquakes, floods and landslides cause more damage than would happen with the right procedures.

The data are very disheartening and were highlighted in Milan by Silvio Seno, President of the "Italian Federation of Earth Sciences": "Since the post-war period in Italy an average of 5 billion euros have been spent each year for material damage caused by natural events, of which 1.2 billion are directly attributable to hydrogeological instability. And this without considering the loss of life“.

To answer the initial question, we rely on the answers provided by the former Minister of the Environment Corrado Clini. According to former minister Clini, per to secure the Italian territory, 60 million euros would run, a small fraction of what our country has spent in recent decades to stop the damage that could very well have been avoided.

Even though the Italian government is aware of this, there has been no change in trend, indeed, continues President Seno, "today 3 million euros a year are invested in geological research in Italy, 2,500 euros per researcher, 15 per cent less than in the 1980s, while reckless consumption of land continues: every day 100 hectares are waterproofed by concrete and asphalt of soil ". The words of the President of the Italian Federation of Earth Sciences were reported in the famous magazine Le Scienze.

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