Masseria Terre di Traiano

Masseria Terre di Traiano

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The best solution for travel ethically is doing healthy ecotourism Here in Italy. We have plenty of archaeological and landscape beauties, we just have to choose the tourist destination for our next holidays and… have you ever been to one masseria?

Anyone who has been to Puglia or Sicily, perhaps knows what I'm talking about. The farms they are rural constructions that stand in full agricultural field. These buildings include the house of the landowners but also the housing of the farmers, the stables and the warehouses. Some of the ancient farms they have been carefully restored and re-evaluated so as to give life to receptive structures.

An example is the Masseria Terre di Traiano, a B&B that stands in the heart of Puglia. A perfect place to stay and enjoy the Adriatic landscape. There Masseria Terre di Traiano it rises along the Via Appia Traiana, in the center of an area of ​​great environmental, historical and cultural importance, near Andria and the architectural wonders of Castel del Monte. Those over 20 years old will surely have already seen Castel del Monte, the classic octagonal building was reported on the old 200 Lire, so you will understand the historical-landscape importance of this tourist site.

The farm Lands of Trajan it is not only a re-evaluated rural site but it is an example of energy self-sufficiency, that's why it is the ideal destination for those who want sustainable travel without leaving large harmful footprints: the farm houses a photovoltaic system which produces a total power of 30 kW.

The Apulian bed and breakfast it accommodates 40 beds, is equipped with a restaurant with a kitchen - set up where there were the ancient grain deposits -, a reception area, tasting and leisure. It is the ideal place for holidays but also for meetings, conferences and events of all kinds. There Masseria it dates back to 1900, has a long history behind it and has been transformed from an agricultural building to a tourist one, by the architect Nicola Spagnoletti who wanted a museum within the structure to explain its origins.

Not only photovoltaic panels but also zero km food: on the farm land vines, olive trees, fruit and vegetables are grown, all products intended for the guests of the Bed & Brekfast la masseria Lands of Trajan. The entire project was curated and carried out entirely by Italian companies, teams of experts ranging from the implementation of Mario Porro's IMP to Francesco Magrone & C.'s Isoltecnica Srl.

Every holiday can be lived under the banner ofecotourism, it is necessary to choose the right places with an eye to sustainability and above all, without forgetting to explore the traditions and typical places of the area. For travel with zero impact I recommend the cycle tour, an experience that I personally found unforgettable: the heart of Puglia, can be explored aboard a bicycle so as to visit the largest salt marshes in Europe on two wheels and enjoy the view of the local fauna; in the useful links you can find the itinerary web page.

Photo by Maurizio Trolli, Flamingos in the Salt Pans “Margherita of Savoy

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