Recharge your electric car at home

Recharge your electric car at home

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Recharge the electric car at home: costs, charging times, management of the meter and of the electricity supply contract. Evaluate the purchase of a wall box.

One of the most important aspects of managing an electric car concerns the charging cycles. Looking forward to a capillary network that allows us torecharge the electric carin any location in Italy, many motorists have decided torecharge the electric car at home. This decision includes several compromises, even uncomfortable ones:

  • The speed of charging
    Charging speed is not an end in itself but can also impact the efficiency of the vehicle's battery. Charging a Nissan Leaf at home, with the common household socket, means investing up to 12 hours of time during which energy is transferred to the battery. Transformer and battery, facing very long charging cycles, could wear out much more easily and the same battery could suffer in terms of autonomy and charging efficiency.
  • The meter and the stability of the home electrical network
    The home network is not designed to handle a continuous load as required by charging the electric car. For this reason, the user will have to request a contract for the electricity supply exceeding the classic 3 kW or a second 3 kW meter to be used exclusively for the electric car.
  • Limitations
    A charging unit dedicated to electric cars offers more functions such as remote charging control, remote activation, programming ...
  • Rates and consumption kW
    Other factors involve electricity consumption. To find out the costs of electricity to recharge the electric car at home, we refer you to the articleElectric car charging at home.
  • Safety
    High risk of overheating and compromising the domestic electrical system (especially with the classic 3 kW supply contract).
  • Refueling
    Refueling could take place with powers below 2 kW.

Those listed are thedisadvantagesfor those who decide to charge the electric car with the classic domestic socket. In addition to the possibility of purchasing a fast charging station to be installed in the garden (a convenient but very expensive decision), it is possible to consider purchasing a wall box (home station), that is a specific device for refueling the electric car.

Second meter for charging the electric car at home

The ideal choice would be to associate the home station with a meter separate from the domestic one which can reduce fixed costs in the bill but which still requires an investment for installation. In this case the advantages would be:

  • Lower energy costs: in Italy the price of kWh grows in proportion to consumption, so the more absorbed by the meter, the more you spend. Two meters allow for two separate accounts while the fixed costs would remain unchanged.
  • Reduced risk of compromising the domestic electrical system.
  • Ability to schedule recharges when energy costs less.
  • Possibility of remote control of refills (offered by several home stations).

Among the disadvantages:

  • Cost for connecting the new meter and installation which, depending on your electricity manager, can reach 700 euros!

A single counter but more powerful

Another option is to connect the home station directly to your meter but in this case, the contract for the electricity supply must be at least 4.5 kW or 6 kW, instead of the standard 3 kWh. With a 4.5 or 6 kW contract he sees higher costs for consumption and higher fixed costs in the bill but there are several advantages:

  • Lower initial costs (only those related to the purchase of the wall box, ie equal to 500 - 600 euros).
  • Also in this case there is the possibility to schedule the recharges in the hours in which the tariff of the energy manager is more advantageous.
  • Remote control of the refills offered by the functions of the wall box.
  • High security.

Wall box or home station to recharge the electric car at home

Below we will provide you with the list of wall boxes (also known as home stations) to recharge the electric car at home that can be bought with a budget of 500 - 600 euros.

  • ClipperCreek HCS-40
  • AeroVironment EV
  • Bosch Power Max
  • GE WattStation
  • Juicebox Pro 40 (wi-fi connectivity duct and allows remote management via smartphone applications)
  • Schneider electric EVlink
  • Siemens 30 Fed VersiCharge
  • Leviton EVR-green 320

Before making any decision on your own and startrecharge the electric carfrom the classic electrical socket at home, have your system checked by your trusted electrician.

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