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Would you like a fruit juice? Or a fruit-flavored juice? Few people know the substantial difference between the two nomenclatures. News arrives from the EU that will soon characterize the new ones fruit juice labels, so as to protect the health of the consumer.

An important legislation comes from the European Union to protect the health of consumers and to guarantee the quality of what you drink at the bar or buy at the supermarket. The directive results in an excellent result: finally i fruit juices they can no longer be added with sugar or other sweeteners.

Soft drinks containing only 12% fruit must by law be labeled as "fruit drinks"And those containing less than 12%"fruity flavor". As for fruit nectars, (those that, in addition to 50% fruit, may contain sugar and water), the label with the indication "with no added sugar". This is to protect people with diabetes.

This new legislation then provides for the indication of all the fruits used for that particular product: however, if more than 4 types of fruit have been entered, the word "mixed“.

Finally, the new regulation has modified the percentage of solid residue allowed for four juices (guava, mango, passion fruit and black currant), subject to that provided for by Codex Alimentarius.

At the beginning of next June 2012, after publication in the Official Journal, the new rules will come into force and there will be 18 months to align with the new legislation. For a period of three years, however, operators will be able to use a statement indicating that from a certain date onwards fruit juices they will no longer contain added sugars.

Tomatoes will also enter the list of fruits that can be used in the production of juices: from now on the latter will be considered fruit and therefore their juice will have to comply with the rules for fruit juices.

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