Nutritional deficiencies: symptoms

Nutritional deficiencies: symptoms

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Nutritional deficiencies, sometimes due to a lifestyle that is not attentive to the needs of our body and dominated by other priorities that are sometimes questionable. There are shortcomings that arise from unfortunate contexts in which eating poorly or poorly is not a choice, but at other times it takes little to correct the diet and avoid health problems related to nutritional imbalances. Let's see what the more frequent deficiencies and the consequences they have.

Nutritional deficiencies: symptoms

The symptoms of a diet that leads to deficiencies are weakness and depression, first of all. The brain struggles to function and the memory drops, one is more stressed and anxious because it lacks B vitamins, amino acids, zinc, magnesium, iodine and iron. A weak body due to nutritional deficiencies is naturally more likely to get sick and, in case of illness, it does harder to recover.

Nutritional deficiencies: children

As children but also as adults, there are deficiencies to try to avoid and which are the most frequent. Many also affect the psychic balance of those who suffer from them. Fatty acids and omega 3, present in fatty fish, egg yolks, linseed oil and walnuts, it must not be missing because it contributes to good brain cell health and good mood.

The zinc it supports the movements of the intestinal and immune systems but also helps us to maintain a psychic balance, in order not to have nutritional deficiencies of this mineral it is important to eat beef, spinach, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate. Even the selenium it is often the protagonist of nutritional deficiencies and is instead very important for the thyroid and mental well-being, it should be taken by eating sunflower seeds, wholemeal bread, tuna, Brazil nuts, pork and oysters.

The Deficient magnesium is often a consequence of excessive alcohol doses, sugar and soft drinks, but it must not be missing as well as iodine which helps the thyroid but also the immune system and memory, as well as regulating body temperature. We find it iodine in cheeses, in dried seaweed, potatoes, blueberries, canned tuna and shrimp.

Especially pregnant women, but not only, must be very careful to avoid nutritional deficiencies of iron because it would lead toanemia and general brain fatigue. In order not to risk having little iron, we include in our diet mussels, clams, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, soy products, chicken liver and nuts such as cashews and almonds.

Plant nutritional deficiencies

Not only humans, but also plants can suffer from nutritional deficiencies. If this happens, they get sick more easily, just like animals do. Fruit plants too they can suffer from lack of nourishment and this happens to the detriment of the harvest. Let's see what the more frequent diseases of these trees.

Nutritional deficiencies and depression

It is almost immediate and inevitable that prolonged deficiencies cause depression to varying degrees, including severe ones. If the vitamins of group B the risk of stroke increases, nails and skin worsen but above all there is a strong drop in mood. This also happens in folic acid deficiency which should be taken in daily doses of 400 mcg. We find it in cooked beans and lentils, spinach, avocado, broccoli and tropical fruits.

Another vitamin is closely linked to depression, D: if it's lacking, you can too fall prey to anxiety, it is found in fatty fish, portobello mushrooms, cod liver oil and tofu.

Nutritional deficiencies: vegetarian diet

When choosing to follow a vegetarian diet many sources of animal proteins which must absolutely be replaced by those of vegetable origin contained in legumes, dried fruit and seeds. They also take risks nutritional deficiencies of calcium and vitamin D which can be ingested with milk, cheese and yogurt while the precious vitamin B12 can also be found in eggs, milk and derivatives even if it is more abundant in meat.

Between nutritional deficiencies typical of the vegetarian diet, there is that of Iron which cannot be avoided just by eating the famous spinach because this mineral is in this case in a form not easily absorbed by our body. It is therefore necessary combine vegetables with other foods rich in vitamin C, like lemon. To remedy a deficiencies of zinc vegetarians must eat milk, cheese, nuts, legumes, wholemeal bread and soy products, as for omega 3, they can be found in nuts and flax seeds.

Nutritional deficiencies: vegan diet

There vegan diet it is very risky with regards to nutritional deficiencies. To understand this, just see the list of substitute foods than the vegetarian one, noting that fruit and vegetables are not enough for ensure a balanced diet.

Those who choose this diet must therefore be particularly careful, even a do not avoid amino acids that help balance neurotransmitters and reduce fear, anxiety, panic attacks, and stress. They are in fact mostly in eggs, lean meat and dairy products.

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