Jigsaw, how to choose it

Jigsaw, how to choose it

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Jigsaw, how to choose it: how to locate thebest jigsawof the market respecting their needs. Blades supplied and data sheets.

Jigsaw, what is it

Ajigsawit's aelectric hacksawwhere the motor gives the blade a movementto come and go. Generally with the term "professional jigsaw”Means electric bench saws, therefore fixed to a structure. In this article we will understand that professional tools can also be portable and you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune for a good oneprofessional jigsaw.

How to choose a good jigsaw

We are in the era of large shopping centers, if we go to Leroy Merlin we are faced with a large number ofjigsawswhich all look the same. Ditto if we try to search for a product on Amazon, among the latest offers. In thiscommercial jungle, to disentangle and make a choice in line with your needs, you need to know the product well before purchasing. So what are thefeaturesto observe beforechoose a jigsawTo understand them, I will compare different products, reporting the Amazon price or the average cost on the market. The most popular brands are Bosch, Black and Decker, Einhell, Makita… but there is no shortage of more anonymous models that offer professional features at more accessible prices.

To get an overview of the best models, it is not necessary to go to Leroy Merlin or Bricomen (or Brocofer!), An online overview will clarify your ideas so that you can make the best choice based on the use you intend to make of them. If you are looking for acordless jigsaw, know that in this guide I will not review any. The reason? With my father I have tried several battery models, however the power and cutting capacity are not yet comparable to the classicselectric hacksawswe are used to. In short, for now it seems premature to buy acordless jigsawand expect the same results as a classic electric hacksaw, even when buying top-of-the-range models, the difference is palpable.

Jigsaw, how to choose it

If you already have ajigsaw, before changing it, try to make a small investment and buy better blades. Sometimes it is not the tool itself that is disappointing, but the mounted blades. Supplied, some jigsaws give universal blades of bland quality while the mechanism at the base is valid. In this circumstance, beforechoose a new jigsaw, give the old one a second chance by buying more performing blades!

The parameters to observe forchoose the best jigsawI'm:

  • Power
  • Wood cutting capacity
  • Metal cutting capabilities
  • Stroke depth
  • Inclination with or without brugolam joints, how many joints ...
  • Ability to adjust the speed and type of adjustment
  • Types of blades supplied
  • Presence of laser pointing and its quality
  • Handling and control
  • Vibrations and noise
  • Presence of optioanl as a parallel guide or suction fitting, brushes for motor ...
  • Possibility of using other types of blades (Allen key, U shank, T shank)

Now all the houses, even the minor ones, offer a 2 year guarantee. Somehacksawsthey have a carrying case to make them easy to transport.

How much does a jigsaw cost?

Prices start at 30 euros up to 300 euros for modelsprofessional.

Professional jigsaw

What makes the difference? The power and capacity of the blades. Aprofessional jigsawnot only can he cut wood but he is capable ofsawingalso certain metals with ranges of thickness and precision that vary according to the characteristics of theprofessional jigsaw. If your ambition is to only cut wood, you can buy a good jigsaw. If you need to cut other materials with precision, then choosing a tool is essentialprofessional.

With a professional jigsaw you can cut thick wood and thin metals of reduced thickness and hardness.

Maybe not everyone knows, Bosch differentiates its professional line from the hobby one based on color. The green Bosch jigsaws are for hobby use, the blue ones are considered professional.

Makita 4351FCTJ jigsaw

It is among the bestprofessional jigsaws. It has a power of 720 watts which allows cutting wood of 135 mm and a cutting capacity of steel of 10 mm. It has a set of professional blades but the suction system is not included in the package. However, it is possible to connect an external device for dust extraction. It is easy to handle and allows a quick and easy change of blades.

It does not have large vibrations and is comfortable in use also from an acoustic point of view. As stated it is an excellent tool. You can buy it on Amazon at the price of 166.89 euros (free shipping costs) and for the complete technical data sheet, I refer you to this Amazon address. Supplied with practical case.

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