Green Bonus 2018: what it is

Green Bonus 2018: what it is

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Green Bonus 2018, on arrival, included in the Budget law, green because it is dedicated to gardens, terraces, balconies. To immediately quantify the benefits, it must be said that the law provides for urban green areas a 36% bonus, a choice that is worthwhile 600 million euros according to the Government, which thus estimates the impact that this discount may have. It will be applied, in practice, to interventions related to luxury villas, cottages and buildings, but it does not want to be a Green Bonus 2018 for VIP, it is also good for interventions of urban green in normal condominiums.

Together with the Green Bonus 2018, in the Law we find other changes on the green side concerning theecobonus of 65%: will no longer concern interventions such as the replacement of fixtures and screens and condensing and biomass boilers but will be created to support it a public guarantee fund so that more people can benefit from it.

Green Bonus 2018: what it is

Until now, only building interventions were covered by bonuses those of 50% and 65%, while the urban green remained without deductions that made the interventions in this regard, inviting, from the economic point of view.

The Green Bonus 2018 therefore introduced, it completes a picture of advantages for those who intervene from an eco-compatible perspective. It is explicitly dedicated to landscaping "of private uncovered areas of existing buildings, real estate units, appurtenances or fences ", a periphrasis that means terraces, balconies, condominium gardens, Hanging gardens and coverings, planting of plants and shrubs.

The deductions are 36%, must be applied to documented expenses and can arrive up to a maximum of 5 thousand euros for each real estate unit. In the event of condominium expenses, the deductions do not disappear, on the contrary, and the maximum ceiling of 5 thousand euros per unit.

Green bonus 2018: impact

Beyond the joy of those who are preparing to make interventions that fall into the indicated category, it is good to broaden the horizons to understand what impact this can have Green Bonus 2018 nationally, beyond our noses as individual citizens.

Again according to the Government's estimates, this Bonus acts on a potential pool of 1.2 billion euros which, presumably, will concern interventions made on villas, villas and luxury buildings. Of these euros, 600 million will be additional investments. Among the expenses on which it is possible to recover, are included those of design and maintenance, obviously only if connected to that type of interventions that the green Bonus goes to encourage.

Green Bonus 2018 and eco-bonus

With the arrival of the Green Bonus 2018, the Ecobonus has also been changed, the mechanism would have been improved to maximize the benefits at the same cost. Practical side, the 65% deduction has been extended until 31 December 2018 for the energy efficiency investments of individual real estate units and the same was done for the 50% discount for renovations. At the same time go from 65% to 50% interventions that involved the replacement of windows and screens, the installation of condensing and biomass boilers.

For the deductions of 70 and 75% the deadline of 31 December 2021 has been confirmed, these discounts concern investments such as thermal insulation, therefore of a more structural type.

Green bonus 2018: guarantee fund

With these changes, it was necessary, on the one hand, and the opportunity was taken, on the other, to create a national fund of 50 million per year, active between 2018 and 2020, in order to grant guarantees on loans aimed at energy requalification operations. The purpose of these euros, arriving from the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economic Development, is to stimulate 600 million in investments including among the beneficiaries of the Bonus and eco-bonuses even low-income citizens who will find it less difficult to access bank loans.

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